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Are You A "Noh"vice? No Worries!

As one reviewer said, A Night of Noh Theatre is like "Gladys Knight and the Pips in fuedal Japan". The Kinuta, a classic Noh Script reworked in the "American Noh" style by the brilliant Tamiko Washington, assosiate professor of theatre at Chapman University, is the most challenging but rewarding experience I've had as an actor thus far.

This style is unlike anything I've ever done and unlike anything you've ever seen.

Come see us show our skills!

The Actor's Company Theatre : 916 N Formosa Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046

June 14th - 7pm

June 20th - 11:30pm

June 22nd - 5:30pm

June 29th - 7pm

General Admission is $10.

#fringe #noh #thekinuta #fringefestival #latheatre

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